We are Pioneers in borewells. We are experts in drilling 4 ½” and 5 ½” dia borewells with super fast hydraulic rigs and experienced borewell drilling operators

  • Borewell Drilling & Flushing.
  • Feasibility Survey for Drilling.
  • 4 ½” and 6 ½” inches dia borewell drilling.
  • Able to handle multiple number of borewells drilling with quality conscious.
  • Super fast high pressure hydraulic rigs.
  • Serving both rural clients.
  • Guidance for water Diviner/ Geologists.
  • Guidance for suitable submersible pumps.
  • Drilling for Farm Houses, Resorts, Infrastructure Projects, IT parks and Hospitality Industry
  • Drilling for Industrial
  • Drilling for Domestic & Residential