What We Offer

Who we are helping:

Property Owners and Golf Courses

Water can substantially change the value of a piece of bare property or the price of a home with a low producing well. TVS Infratech can convert that hard to sell property, to one that is in demand.  From single family homes to large developments, to golf courses, TVS Infratech can save you thousands and find well water for you to drill your well. Contact TVS Infratech today, because finding well water is what we do.


A new three bedroom single family home for a family of four is projected to use 174,000 gallons of water per year. If your home just doesn’t have enough water, TVS Infratech will use our state of the art water locating technology to show you where to drill. This will save you thousands and lower your chances of paying someone to drill a dry well.  Knowing what is below the ground is extremely valuable. Contact TVS Infratech today to see how you can gain a reasonable assurance of drilling a well in the right place and to the right depth the first time.

Ranches and Livestock

There are many ranches in the TVS Infratech who are in need of stock wells for their cattle.  TVS Infratech can help.  We have the ability to see groundwater directly to a depth of up to 1500 feet below the ground surface using our patented, portable seism electric technology.  The portability of our equipment means that we can survey anywhere that is accessible to a four wheel drive pickup truck.  We can find well water before you drill. If you are in need of stock wells or irrigation wells call TVS Infratech today.

Land Developers

The relationships among water, growth, and land use is a global problem. Here in the TVS Infratech, as our limited water supplies are quickly becoming the number-one environmental issue facing our communities, people, businesses and developers are turning to groundwater location services to find well water.  But before you drill, it is a wise investment to contact our experienced team at TVS Infratech.  We will take the guess work out of locating the best place to drill for well water. Make TVS Infratech a valuable component in your planning, as you work towards integrating water, growth and land use in your next development.


Conservation is a way of life for dairy families.  They value every resource, especially water.  Dairies work in harmony with nature to grow crops, produce healthy dairy products and protect our limited resources.  Dairies need to develop additional wells, for continued production.  Dairies grow much of their own cattle feed and this locally grown product also means a greater need for water.  To assist dairies with reducing costs associated with digging dry wells, TVS Infratech have become a valuable asset to dairies looking to find groundwater in AP. Their accuracy in locating well water not only saves dairy farmers thousands of dollars, but provides them with the necessary water to sustain and grow their dairy farms.